How to include the Mother of the Groom

After the amazing couple gets engaged and wedding planning starts, it is important to recognize the Mother of the Groom! Obviously the bride’s mother is going to help with almost all aspects with the actual Wedding, but there are so many ways to get your Man’s Mom involved! Plus, during this time the bride should be forming positive and loving relationships with her new family.


Typically the role of the Grooms mother is to: host a dinner or lunch for the families to meet, host and pay for the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, and help bride reach out of town guests on grooms side.


We have come up with some more fun ways to make your soon to be mother-in-law feel more included and a part of the wedding.

Invite her to come Wedding Dress shopping. Obviously pick based on what you want, however inviting her to tag along will mean so much to the future mother-in-law.


Let her come to every bridal shower. She can help with the planning and get to know more friends and family on your side!


Out of town guests. Let her handle them. This way she can coordinate with his side of the family and release the stress of having to coordinate travel plans and itineraries.


Mother and Son Dance Tradition. After you have your special “Daddy Daughter” dance, let your Groom have his special dance with his mom. She will feel so loved and appreciated.


Delegate a big wedding task. Like flowers! Or table decor! This will take a huge stress off of you and your mom. It is also a good idea to choose a task that you know she will excel at. For example, if she’s very DIY savvy, have her do some of the decorations!



Any of these ideas will help make the Mother of the Groom feel so welcome and special!

Comment and share your ideas below!


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