Is the groom playing golf?

golfIt’s one of the biggest wedding clichés out there (especially on the groom’s side of the wedding)… golf on the wedding day.

As the groom, you’ve probably been asked if you’re getting up early and teeing it up on the morning of the wedding. If you happen to be a golfer, we’re guessing that the answer to this question is yes.

Speaking from experience, wedding day golf can be a lot of fun. When I got married last spring, we double dipped and played both on the bachelor party as well as the morning of the wedding. As corny as it may sound, it was a great way to spend some extra time with friends and family before I made that trip to the altar and had my “play time” significantly reduced.

If you can get a big enough group to together, there are some great ways to enhance the golf outing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bride’s side vs. groom’s side – Make it a little more competitive by pitting the bride’s relatives against the groom’s relatives. We did this on my wedding day and added a twist by making the losing team buy lunch afterwards (groom’s side won, of course).
  • Scramble – Divide everyone up into teams of four and play a scramble or best ball tourney.  This allows the beginners to keep up with the pros.
  • Playing on the bachelor party? If it’s a bachelor party round of golf, that means the groom doesn’t have to worry about being on good behavior. Make him drink for every shot over par he goes. Hilarity will ensue as his golf game gets worse after each hole.

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