Wedding Trends: Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Buying tons of flower centerpieces can be quite expensive and when you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget! One great place to save money is by eliminating flower center pieces and going with something else. A great alternative for flowers are lantern centerpieces! You can buy them in bulk which will save you tons of money. They are perfect for outdoor weddings and many prefer to have sometime other than flowers to make your centerpieces stand out from other weddings.

They are a super cute alternative and if you decide to put candles inside they will also provide light when the sun starts to set! Though you don’t have to put a traditional white candle inside if you don’t want to! You can also put a few flowers if you still want flowers to be apart of your centerpiece but don’t want to spend money on an entire centerpiece. If you want the light that the candle provides but you don’t want a white candle you can always do twinkle lights or a colored candle to match your color scheme!

There are endless ways to decorate lanterns for your centerpiece so they match your theme as well as the time of year! The way you decorate the lantern or even the lantern itself can create more of a wintery or summery feel depending on the time of year you have you wedding! Whatever way you decide to decorate, lantern wedding centerpieces are the perfect alternative to the traditional flower centerpieces.

This lantern centerpiece is perfect if you are trying to save money on centerpieces. You can buy them here!

Here are a few examples of how you can decorate your lantern centerpieces! Comment which is your favorite!

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