Mason Jar Centerpieces

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With DIY quickly becoming a popular aspect to most weddings, choosing your centerpiece for your reception has never been more fun. The idea of using a simple Mason jar centerpiece as the focal point leaves plenty of room for personalization and imagination to make it fitting for most wedding day themes.

Mason jar Floating Candle Holders

Using a Mason jar as a candle holder in the middle of your table is a charming way to add a little brightness around the room, especially for fall and winter weddings! Grab your preferred style and size of Mason jars, fill it up three quarters of the way with water, and add your favorite greenery and a pop of color to make a candle centerpiece fit for a winter wedding. You can make this centerpiece work for any season by swapping out the greenery with baby’s breath flowers to add a touch of neutrality.

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Another option is to coat the Mason jar with glue and wrap lace around the whole jar. Then you can place a tea candle on the bottom of the jar for a whimsical ambiance.

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Table Numbers:

Incorporating table numbers into your reception is important if you have chosen to assign your guests to specific tables. This doesn’t mean that your table numbers have to be drab and boring, though. Using a Mason jar at each table instantly adds class and easily catches the eyes of your guests looking for their table. By painting the jar itself and adding a paper number to it, or stenciling the number on yourself, the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalization. After adding the number, you can fill the jar with flowers or anything else that fits your wedding day theme.

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Table Lanterns:

To add more light to your table as the day gets darker, making your own table lanterns with a Mason jar has never been easier. Take a clear Mason jar and add a wire handle to the top, tightly securing it around the bottom of the screw thread on the jar. Next, place a tea candle or a candle with a wide enough base on the bottom of the jar and screw the lid back onto the jar. You can wrap the top of the “lantern” in a pretty ribbon or a piece of lace to add a little something extra to it. Hanging the lanterns above the tables will also offer more light when the sun starts to set, it’s like a DIY chandelier.

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Flower Vase:

The most obvious use for a Mason jar at a wedding: a vase. Simply fill up the Mason jar with water and add your favorite flower bunch to the jar to add a pop of color and fragrance to each reception table. Adding slices of lemon to the jar is another easy way to add a pop of color.

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No matter what option you try, your guests will love that you re-purposed Mason jars into a practical and beautiful wedding decoration.

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