Nautical Wedding Theme Ideas!


Thinking about doing something different than the typical church and reception wedding? Think about doing a nautical wedding, especially if you live in a lake or ocean town! These weddings are absolutely beautiful and will create a completely unique wedding experience for you and your guests. Nautical and boat weddings are also great because you and your guests get to enjoy the privacy of your boat. You won’t have to worry about hotel guests wandering into your reception hall or even wedding crashers! It also gives you that destination wedding feel without having to pay for all the flights, hotels, etc.

So how do you make a nautical themed wedding? It’s pretty easy! Yachts can typically cost $12,000-$15,000 depending on how many people and how large the yacht is. However most wedding packages include linens, food, pre-wedding champagne, etc. Yachts are also much cheaper in the off season!

Another idea, is to do a seaside wedding with a nautical theme. This can include boat shoes, anchors, more casual attire for guests, and lots of seashells!

No matter what you choose, a nautical theme will definitely make your wedding a stand out!

Here are some beautiful examples on how to incorporate the theme into your wedding.



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Thinking about having a Nautical wedding? Did you have one? Comment and share below!

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