Nautical Wedding

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Ahh..that summer breeze makes for the perfect time to pull out the boat and go for a sail. Why not incorporate the nautical trend into your wedding theme? The beach wedding theme may be overdone, but here’s a new twist to the old favorite. We say, “Make it happen, Cap’n!” Oars, anchors, and stripes are a few ways to make your nautical wedding.


1. Invitation in a Bottle

Like a message in a bottle, deliver your cute wedding invitations in glass bottles. Aged paper and anchor prints add to the authenticity.

Photo from Storybook Hearts

2. Navy & White

Wedding colors are simple: navy and white. Jazz things up with a pop of color like red, yellow, or pink. Of course, stripes truly make the colors more nautical.

Photo from Randi Galant Photography

3. Drinks on the Boat

Here’s a neat idea! Serve drinks on a little row boat – beautiful decor that’s sure to be the center of conversations.

Photo from Wedd Book

4. Cool Blue Table Setting

Silverware needs some lovin, too! Keep the table setting simple and go for the finer details like these fun oar-decorated silverware. (We like the cool shades as wedding favors, too!)

Photo from Jasmine Star Blog

5. Serve Em Up

Lobster and crab can be a bit messy, so serve up fresh-cooked mussels and clams, instead. Yum!

Photo from Inspired By This

6. Sea Treats

Spread out the dessert on beautiful blue glass cake trays like these.

Photo from Chancey Charm Blog

The nautical trend is a fun wedding theme to blend your love of the sea and beach. Keeping to this theme is a breeze as long as you go navy and white. Then toss in some stripes, anchors and oars to finish off your decor. How would you do a nautical themed wedding?

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