Guide to the Order of the Wedding Processional!

While planning the ceremony, many brides don’t really know what the exact order should be. And yes, there is in fact an order to the wedding processional! Even though the bride seems to be the most important person walking down the aisle, many other people must come first. We’ve broken it down for you. Of course this order can be tweaked if needed, but it is a good start to planning your wedding ceremony!

Heres the order:

  1. Mother of the Bride. She kicks off the ceremony and walks down the aisle, she will sit on the left side in the front row! cc447081d715947b40e8d3fadbd09bc4
  2. Mother of the Groom. She is not necessarily a must have in a wedding-processional order, however if you want to include her, this is when she would go! d23c2fede5656970d7731b1771dcd424
  3. The Groom. Usually he would walk down the aisle solo. However, many couples now have the Groom walk down with his parents. In this case, they would walk down and sit on the right side of the front row. 9579a43a635c8ed836a09f975405ead5
  4. The Officiant. Since he/she is the person marrying the couple, they deserve a spot in the wedding-processional. 90e33541b239d46635bacab47c9cd74d
  5. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen walk arm in arm and then separate to their respective sides at the end of the aisle. 13c7b91df93793ec4c2a58f22f8e2981
  6. Maid of Honor and Best man. They each stand at the sides of the Bride and Groom during the ceremony after walking down the aisle together. fac10a768583d82a04c9964147f46589
  7. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. These kids can either walk together down the aisle or walk separately! b65f8d79ef23fa414be98cea7f9fa0aa
  8. Father of the Bride and the Bride. Last but not least, the beautiful Bride makes her way down the aisle. Her father typically would then give her away to the groom and take his seat on the left with the mother of the bride. bd7b819c0db83752448a46f87d9d66b3

And that’s it! Again, there are many variations of this order, so feel free to spice it up!

Comment and share your ideas on the Wedding Processional below!

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