Our Favorite Bridal Shower Themes

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If you’re a recently engaged bride planning your wedding, chances are that your bridal party is going to want to throw you a bridal shower. In order to stand out with a unique party, send your bridal here for the best bridal shower themes.

Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

The Idea: Invite guests over for a wine tasting party! What better way to bond with close friends and family than through potential wines that could be featured on your big day. This way, the guests and bridal party feels like they have some say in the fun aspects of your reception.

What You’ll Need: A multitude of different types of wines (reds, whites, roses).

Tip: Almost every bottle of wine holds about 8 servings, so don’t overbuy the amount needed for your bridal shower!

Downfall: Under 21 guests may feel left out, have some other fun drinks for them to test too! You’re going to need non-alcoholic beverages at your reception anyways, so let your younger guests help out in the decision making for those.

Honeymoon Bridal Shower

The Idea: Plan a bridal shower that revolves around the location for your honeymoon! Not only will you get some chic swag for your honeymoon with your honey, it also puts the focus on your honeymoon and takes some of the stress away from constantly thinking about your big day.

What You’ll Need: Decorations that represent your location. Recruit some crafty friends and get to work!

Tip: Have a dress code! Encourage everyone to come dressed as though they were about to vacation to your destination too! It adds a fun vibe to your party that is unique to your theme.

Downfall: If the weather does not accommodate to your guests dressing for your theme, play up more of the decorations inside your venue to make up for this.

Pot Luck Bridal Shower

The Idea: Have everyone bring their favorite dish to your party to help alleviate some of the costs and pressures within the kitchen.

What You’ll Need: Friends and Family! Recruit friends and family to bring dishes that help add to your theme.

Tip: Have a recipe box to add everyone’s dishes too! Not only will this help you recreate these delicious dishes, this can also be a bonding exercise for you and your honey after the big day is over.

Downfall: Too many of the same dish. Organize ahead of time of how much of each dish you would like at the bridal shower and have guests mark off what they are planning on bringing.

Bridal showers don’t need to be so typical and obvious. Encourage your bridal party to think outside of the box and plan a unique and fun day for you!

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