Pantone Color of the Year

Ultra Violet

This year Ultra Violet was voted the 2018 Pantone Color of the year. It is said that is “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. Ever color holds with it endless identities of those wear it, relate to it, and in some cases feel it. With each color comes a deep history, here is a quick story about the history of Violet, the sister color of Ultra Violet:

In 1874 Violet was the result of a new theory about the sun and its shadows. Since the complementary color to sunlight yellow was violet it was seen that violet must take on the color of shade. This came with the thought that shadows are not simply black or grey but colored.

In Fashion Ultra Violet is an enhanced purple that lends itself to both men and women’s clothing. Like Violet, Ultra Violet is created by combining red and blue. Ultra Violet allows for unique color combinations in fashion. When paired with gold Ultra Violet takes on a role of elegance and sophistication, yet when paired with yellow it creates a more juvenile look and feel to the clothing. It allows for so much freedom and expression.It is the perfect color for the bride who wants a deeper color scheme, but wants to stray away from traditional colors as well as deeper winter colors. Due to the versatility of Ultra Violet it can be viewed as a bold statement or a simple addition to a room depending on its presentation. The use of gradients allow for a more  subtle integration of such a deep color into your color scheme. On the other had using a deep saturated version of the color allows for bold statements whether that be in your makeup, your wedding decorations, or your wedding attire. Putting your bridesmaids in ultra violet is perfect for the non-conformist nor traditional bride! We have come up with a few examples of how you can use Ultra Violet in your color scheme for your wedding!


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