Why Couple’s are Deciding to Sell Things from Their Wedding

It seems more and more people are deciding to part ways with various things from their wedding. Many people used to keep their wedding dress in hopes it would be worn again by someone close to them, but it seems like more and more wedding dresses are being put up for sale. Why is that? The main reason is money. Weddings are becoming bigger, more elaborate, and more expensive than ever before. People are doing whatever they can to get some money back from their weddings! People are selling everything from table runners to wedding dresses just to get money to help pay for the wedding! The biggest thing that you can resell from your wedding day is your wedding dress. Yes, you can sell the hundreds of little glass jars that your bought for candles and centerpieces but you won’t get much for them. If you are looking for money your dress is the best thing to sell.

People sell things from their wedding for different reasons. One simple reason is newlyweds often just don’t have the room. As much as you loved the jars that your centerpieces came in you just don’t have the space. Most newlyweds are just starting off building their lives together and filling the storage in your new apartment with every last thing from your wedding probably isn’t the best way to start.

If you are a very sentimental person parting with things from you wedding can be a very challenging thing, so remember YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Selling things as important as your wedding dress is a big decision and though it can be a very reasonable thing to do, only sell it if that is what is right for you.

With all that being said there are so many benefits to selling your wedding dress! Here are a few reasons why other brides have decided to sell their wedding dresses:

1. Too beautiful to only be worn once.

For many brides they feel that their wedding dress is the most beautiful article of clothing they have ever worn. So why would they sell it? For the exact reason that is was so beautiful that it should be worn more than once. Many brides find comfort in selling their dress knowing that it will be worn and seen again.

2. Your dress isn’t your wedding

One good thing to keep in mind is selling your dress won’t get rid of all the amazing memorizes that came along with it. Many brides have said how once they came to realize that their wedding day will be just as special whether or not they have their wedding dress in a box in their closet they were able to sell it. You wedding day will always be in your memory whether or not you decide to keep your dress.

3. It just wasn’t their favorite part

What was your favorite part of your wedding? Was it when you saw your husband as you walked down the aisle? or when you danced the night away at your reception with your family and friends? Most likely it wasn’t your dress. So if your dress wasn’t your favorite part then it is okay to part with your dress!

There are so many good reasons to sell things from your wedding so don’t feel guilty! You aren’t alone! You can always opt to donate your wedding dress to charity if you aren’t looking to get money out of it. Then you will know for sure that your dress is going to someone who not only need it but will love and appreciate it as much as you did!




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