The Perfect Emergency Kit

Although all of us want everyone to have the PERFECT wedding day; there will inevitably be some sort of problem that arises. Whether that problem be a giant headache, a little stain, a dead phone, or some garlic breath, one of your bridesmaids should always have you covered. We came up with a little list of some things that will help you create the perfect emergency kit for your wedding day!

Of course everyones emergency kit will be different and unique, but here are some must haves no matter what. It is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

We recommend putting all of this together in some sort of make-up box or travel bag. You should also make 1 person in charge of this emergency kit so they can be your go-to person at all times.

  1. Tylenol: for all those unexpected headaches! 463022. Phone Charger: can’t let your phone die on your special day!

3. Sewing Kit: in case a jewel or two pops off!

4. Hairspray: to keep all those fly aways in place!

5. Mints: you got to have fresh breath

6. Tissues: for all those teary eyed moments

7. Tide To Go: perfect to take care of small stains!

8. Mini Perfume: smelling good is a must at all times

9. Tums/Antacid: in case a tummy ache arises!


10. Mini Water: to keep cool and hydrated!



What items would you add to the list?

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