The Perfect Pizza Bar for Your Wedding

Wedding food is always the same. Fish, Beef, Chicken, etc. Why not spice up your menu with serving something different? Out of all the types of food you could serve at your wedding, pizza is something that will always be a crowd pleaser. You can make pizza vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc. This way you will be able to satisfy all of your guests needs! Plus, who doesn’t get excited about a pizza bar?


Pizza doesn’t have to be the main course. You can use it as a pre-dinner snack, part of a dinner buffet, or even a late night treat! No matter what your guests are going to be so excited. Many people might be worried about pizza seeming too casual for a wedding. However there are so many easy ways to elevate a pizza. Just ask your caterer to place it on a wood or iron platter with a fun sign. Don’t forget the red pepper flakes and parmesan!

These “cheesy” examples of pizza bars at weddings are to die for!







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