Pros and Cons of a DIY Wedding

Pros and Cons of a DIY Wedding

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Given the current state of our economy, along with the influx of cute Instagram posts, it’s not a wonder that more and more couples opt for a DIY wedding. Brides are creating handcrafted souvenirs placed inside a lovely pouch made of burlap. Grooms are also taking out their toolkit to create that whimsical frame for a photo-booth standee. Isn’t it cute?

But before you say yes to DIY nuptials, there are important decisions to make. Whether you’re an arts-and-crafts enthusiast or you just want to have a personalized concept, you need to weigh the factors first. Don’t fret! Here are some pros and cons to help you make up your mind.

Why Go with DIY?

Save Money on the Side

When done right, creating things yourself, like souvenirs and decorations, can considerably reduce your budget. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t need those expensive things to have a classy wedding. Who knows? With your spare money, you can splurge on other priorities, like your honeymoon or first mortgage.


Let Your Personality Shine

It’s your wedding day! You can decide how to do things in whatever way you think is best. So why not let your personality shine even in the most minute detail? Let your guests have a memorable time as they revel in your big day while enjoying a ceremony that’s all you.


Enjoy a Pre-Wedding Bonding

Who said you can’t bond with your closest relationship circles before the D-day? Invite them over for a little session of cutting out personalized save-the-date cards or tying twine for your centerpiece jars.

As you do some artsy stuff, you can even laugh over past memories that never grow old. This will make your wedding more memorable for them as they see the finished products during the ceremony.


Repurpose the Wedding Decor

More often than not, there are numerous decors that can be used as a house decor. Aside from saving money on your interior aesthetics, you can also feel proud every time you see the craft. It will remind you of the day you said yes to a life of commitment and love.


Earn Your Money Back

Yes, there will be things that you can’t use again. But it doesn’t mean you should throw away a good handcrafted piece. Why don’t you put it on sale online or organize your own garage sale.

Surely, there are couples out there who want to DIY their wedding too and will appreciate anything that can help with their preparation. You have gained your money and lent a hand to a hopeful couple. Sounds awesome, right?


The Downside of DIY-ing Your Wedding

Time Can Be an Expensive Commodity

Let’s face it: creating things by yourself is time-consuming. Before the masterpiece, you need to plan how to make stuff, plan your action and to-do list, and learn the nitty-gritty of DIY-ing things.

Considering you need to deal with the caterer, find the perfect venue, hunt a great wedding cake, book a professional photographer, and a lot more things on your mile-long to-do list, it may be hard to juggle. Even with a savvy time-management scheme, a DIY wedding can be expensive in terms of time.


Stress Can Consume You

Personalizing some details of your wedding can be overwhelming even to the best of planners. And if your stress level is on a constant high, then it may lead to procrastination. So be careful in managing your time, energy, and holistic well-being.


Counterproductive If Done the Wrong Way

Remember the trial-and-error method? You may want to sidestep the process when doing DIY projects. Making mistakes on any DIY wedding detail can prove to be more costly than what you expect, both in physical effort and economic terms. Every single mishap is a dollar and an important minute down the drain too.


Think It Over

After mulling over the thought of a DIY wedding, along with its advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to make an informed decision. Talk it out with your partner-to-be, and get his insights on the matter. Make sure you agree on all details, even the most minute ones.

Most importantly, don’t be intimidated by the pressure of throwing the perfect celebration of love. Whether you choose the DIY route or not for your nuptials, with proper planning and sensible decision-making, everything will go as smoothly as you envision it to be. It’s your wedding, not your judgment day, so have fun turning your dream wedding into reality.

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