Save Money, Time and Even the Environment

When I got married a few years ago I was surprised at the expense of wedding invitations, let alone the postage and the time it took to put them together, address and mail them.  Even with my fiancé’s and bridesmaid’s help it ended up being one of our most daunting wedding tasks.  Which is why I absolutely love this new wedding service, Greenvelope. Greenvelope is a green company that offers a “formal” online wedding invitation service, providing couples an alternative to expensive paper and postage.  Greenvelope’s web-based platform allows couples to send customized wedding invitations to their guests via email with the click of a button.

Greenvelope has a variety of different invitation designs

“People are ready to take advantage of Internet technology during the detailed wedding planning process,” said Sam Franklin, founder and CEO of Greenvelope, which enables users to create guest lists, design invitations, and track responses all electronically.  “Couples are also becoming increasingly aware of the impact large events have on the environment. Paperless invitations are an easy start to a green wedding.”

While one does not open his or her physical mailbox to receive an e-invitation, Greenvelope preserves the hands-on feel by taking advantage of cutting-edge animation technology.  Guests receive a virtual envelope–addressed with calligraphy—in their email inbox.  After being prompted to click, the envelope gracefully opens revealing the invitation components.

Greenvelope is proud to acknowledge other advantages to sending electronic invitations, aside from the cost and environment.  The electronic invitations are far less time consuming and the system allows the user to easily compile a guest list by uploading bulk contacts from an email server.  As invitees RSVP, the guest list will automatically update with the latest response information. For those not ready to make the jump to an electronic invitation, Greenvelope offers an inexpensive electronic “Save the Date” package that showcases the formal animation envelope experience.

Get your green on and save money and a whole lot of time with Greenvelope. Thanks Sam, for helping bring such a valuable service to the wedding industry!

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