Sell Your Wedding Dress: Consignment vs. Online

Selling your dress after your wedding day can be just as stressful as finding it in the first place. You want to make sure you are getting the quality service you deserve, and a good bang for your buck! All the time, effort and money that went into finding “the one,” has to be somehow replenished when figuring out how to sell your dress.

Here are some pro’s and con’s for selling your wedding dress in a consignment shop versus online.

Consignment Shop

PRO: Money Up Front: You can walk into your local consignment shop and sell your dress right then and there. No waiting, no hassle, just trade in the dress for some easy cash.

CON: You won’t really know which store will pay more for your dress unless you visit or call multiple places and allow them to inspect your dress to see if its of quality they want to sell to their customers.

PRO: Quick timeline: As soon as you decide to sell your dress, you can just find the closest store to you as previously mentioned and walk out 10 minutes later.

CON: There’s a chance you’ll get paid less at a consignment store than you would online because the store needs to make a profit from your dress.

PRO: No need to “sell”: creating an ad and finding the right place to sell your dress online take quite a long time and effort on your part. You may not be the savviest fashionista who knows the correct terms to use when trying to sell your dress, so let someone else do it for you!


PRO: You can control where your dress is sold and to whom it’s sold.

CON: Some websites can issue you fees for selling products through their site.

PRO: You can post your dress on various sites, increasing the amount of views your dress will get.

CON: People might try to haggle down the price if its sold through a website where they can try to bargain rather than just click and buy– this might waste more time than necessary.

PRO: Depending on which site you use, this can also lead to quick cash directly deposited to your bank account!

If you have any questions about selling your dress online, check out our most recent blog post on a quick and easy guide to sell your dress.

Even though you’re selling your wedding dress, it’s still played an important part of your special day so make sure to consult this pro’s and con’s list and decide how to best find your dress a new home!

Best of luck!

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