Selling Your Wedding Dress on Craigslist


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Selling your wedding gown after your big day is an easy and eco-friendly way to re-home a dress you’re probably only going to wear once. Selling your wedding dress on Craigslist is a simple way to reach a large audience without having to deal with listing charges or having a company take a portion of your final sale.

Where to Post:

Under the “For Sale” section on Craigslist, list your wedding gown. Here, you can also specify whether or not you are willing to sell locally or nation-wide. Post your gown under the “Clothing” tab, listing your item under the correct category can either make or break your sale.


Only post clear photos of your wedding dress. Include some of you in your dress as well. This helps to show off what the dress looks like when it’s being worn. Posting pictures of your dress on a hanger doesn’t do the dress any justice and will hinder the potential sale of your gown.


This is important. List every detail there is about your gown. Leaving out any alterations or damages that may have occurred to your gown risks an unhappy soon to be bride. List how many times you wore the dress, if there are any accessories that are included, brand name, style, size, length, retail price, year purchased, and whether or not you had it cleaned after your wedding (which you should).


Used wedding gowns typically sell for 35-50% off of what you originally paid for. State the price you are willing to sell it for, clearly. This is also the section where you would specify whether or not you are willing to negotiate on pricing or are offering an OBO (or best offer) option. Other terms about payment should be included here.

Like any online selling business, use caution when selling a high valued item. If a situation seems weird or off in any way, back out of it. Using PayPal as a leeway for payments is also smart, this business will help ensure that you’re not being paid with a faulty credit card or are about to receive a bounced check. Selling though Craigslist can be a stress free way to go about selling your gown, use your head, and walk into any and all situations with caution.

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