A Shoe for Every Bride

Every Bride has their own unique style so why not show yours off on your big day! A great way to incorporate your style into your wedding attire is through your shoes. If you are going for a more traditional vibe for your wedding and you don’t want to stray away from the traditional white gown picking a pair of heals or shoes that embody your style is perfect for you! Whether y0u want to show off your southern charm or embrace your beach theme and get rid of the shoes all together there is a “shoe” for every bride! We love the look of good old fashioned boots to show of the inner cowgirl in you. Just make sure they aren’t too dirty, you wouldn’t want your beautiful white gown to get dirty! Another great option that often gets overlooked is flats! There are such a wide variety of styles to match yours. You can pick anything from a simple classic white to a jeweled silver!

For the bride who just wants to throw on a pair of converse and call it a day there is even a pair for you. Decorate them with your fiancé and walk down the aisle in style! This option creates super cute photo ops for your wedding day!

On your big day don’t forget to give your smile a break and get a few shots of your shoes! There are so many cute and unique ways to show off your shoes as well as the shoes of your whole wedding party!

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