Signature Wedding Cocktails


For many people, cocktails are almost always a part of wedding receptions. People all over the country are starting to get really into these Signature Wedding Cocktails! They are easy to serve and something that all your guests will love. This is also great if you don’t want to have an open bar but still want a tasty beverage for everyone to enjoy.


The first part in coming up with a signature drink is deciding what drink you want to serve. It can be something that you and your fiance both love, a simple crowd pleaser like a Martini, or something a little more intricate like a honeydew ginger gin fizz! Whatever drink you choose, remember you are going to be making a lot of them for all your guests!

The second, and arguably most important part of your signature wedding cocktail is the name of it! Thinking of a name can be sometimes hard because you want it to be memorable and fun. Our advice would be to definitely make it personal because you obviously want it to be about your fiance and you. You can even make it a part of your wedding #hashtag to go along with your theme!


You can always choose the “play on words” route as well. Using something like “Appley Ever Martini” or something like that. Anything that is catchy and fun!


Be sure to order enough for all of your guests because they will be dying for a taste. In short, this wedding trend is so much fun and having these Signature Wedding Cocktails will be the life of the party!


Comment below your favorite Signature Wedding cocktail recipe or name!


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