Simple & Easy Wedding Decorations

Martha Stewart Weddings has given us some great ideas on how to decorate your wedding and reception. Many of the ideas provided are simple and easy decorations you could do yourself. Read on and be inspired!

Large hurricane vases containing floating candles are placed on either side of a path strewn with rose petals. If you are picking from your own garden, pluck them early in the morning when roses are freshest. For a more inexpensive approach, use fake flower petals or just have the large vases as a pathway to the wedding and/or reception.

This monogrammed banner is a cute and sweet way of leading your guests to the church and/or reception. It is also a great way of greeting your guests to the event.

Use topiary’s to display a banner for your big day; this is a great way to introduce your guests to your wedding and/or reception.

Monogrammed entryway. Use letters from yours and your groom’s names or of just your soon-to-be last name to welcome guests. Use ribbons and paint the letters to coincide with your wedding colors.

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6 Responses to “Simple & Easy Wedding Decorations”

  1. Wow nice decoration and Simple settings.

  2. […] by Alison Conklin [Design by Queen of Hearts]. Middle Row –  Left photo from Martha Stewart via Bravo Bride; Right photo from Elle Deco Spain via Belle Vivir.  Bottom Row – Left photo via Livi & […]

  3. This is the most luxurious rose petal aisle! I love fresh rose petals. Visit – try peach and pale pink petals for this look.

  4. NRE says:

    Pretty rose aisle..but once you walk down it, it will look horrible!

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