So Many Veils!

Just like wedding dresses there are so many different styles of veils! Your veil is the finishing touch that ties everything together. You want to make sure that you choose a veil that you not only love but also goes with the style of your dress. Think of your veil as another piece of your dress so you don’t want to stray to far from the look you are going for. Finding the right length may be difficult at first but just like when you first start trying on wedding dresses try them all and eliminate what you dont like. Shorter veils like the birdcage, blusher and Juliet cap tend to show more personality as well as having a more informal feel when compared to longer veils such as finger tip length, waltz, chapel, and cathedral.

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing your veil is to make sure that the color of the veil matches the color of your dress! This is very important because a difference in color will be very visible in photos. Bring a swatch of your dress when you pick out your veil to ensure that it matches as best as it can!

Here are some examples of different veil lengths! Comment which is your favorite and don’t forget to check out our website for discount veils!

Birdcage Veil

Blusher Veil

Juliet Cap

Shoulder Length Veil

Elbow Length Veil

Finger Tip Length Veil

Waltz Veil

Chapel Veil

Cathedral Veil

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