Spring Weddings – 6 Tips for Success (Part 1)

Spring weddings allow for a fresh pop of color, a delightfully light and airy environment and uniquely sweet and subtle details that help create a wedding experience as refreshing as the spring season itself. In part one of our two part series; we will introduce 3 ways that any bride-to-be can use to “spring” their wedding into success.

Photo Credit: Lane Dittoe

1.Wardrobe: From the wedding dress to the wedding shoes and everything in between, the beauty is in the details. The two pairs of shoes below for example, stay consistent with wedding white while incorporating the beauty of spring blossoms. We love the embellishment encrusted heel and the gold tone details. These heels paired with a light and flowing tulle, feathered or chiffon dress would be a beautiful look for any spring event.

Photo Credit: (From L to R) Love Meagan, Mac Vicente, WeHeartIt.Com, VoguePk

2.Flowers: what could be more intrinsic of a spring wedding than flowers? With the entire season centered on the blooming of new life, incorporating pastel colors and unique elements of nature will help convey a beautifully executed accent for your event. Don’t be afraid to use greenery in ways that you may not have originally thought possible. A very popular trend for spring weddings is incorporating succulents into bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Also consider using tree limbs, branches and extra greenery to add dimension to seasonal flowers like tulips or lilacs. Any combination of these flowers will leave your guests praising the beauty of your floral design.

Photo Credits(L to R):  Simply Peachy, Living MSN, FrenchBouquetTulsa

3.Food: when spring has sprung, it brings into season of whole new pallets of fruits and vegetables for our choosing. When creating your dishes, consider using fresh ingredients that are unique to the spring season. The flavor of your food will be associated with the time of year you are being married and will be just another detail adding to the cohesive theme of your spring wedding. Consider using light flavors like berry, lemon, vanilla and almond to add layers of flavor to a garden spring salad or even a main entrée. The possibilities are endless and are based on your personal palette and budget.

Photo Credit: (L to R) SweetOnVeg, Dinner Series, BabaSteve

Be sure to check back in a few days for three more tips for creating a sensational spring wedding. Until then, check out all that we have to offer a bride-to-be. Happy shopping!

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