Spring Weddings – 6 Tips to Success (Part 2)

In our last blog post, we introduced the first three tips and ideas for creating successful spring weddings. Today we continue to delve deeper into the topic and uncover three more interesting and unique ideas for brides to use when planning their own spring weddings.

1. Signature Sips: Spring weddings usually take place outdoors and when the heat can get the best of you, a refreshing beverage can almost always do the trick. Consider creating a signature cocktail using the flavors of the season to incorporate spring into every aspect of your celebration. If you prefer to have a non-alcoholic option, a unique option is a customizable lemonade bar. You could feature personalized or monogrammed glasses or Mason jars for guests to create their own custom lemonade with flavors that are also associated with the spring season. Use fresh or muddled strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, jasmine or even mint for a cool and refreshing treat that every guest sure to enjoy. The goal is to associate as many subtle details with the season as possible; after all, the date is still all about you.

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2      Wedding cake & desserts: Each and every wedding cake is unique and beautiful in its own right. Consider incorporating floral notes and flavors when it comes to creating your wedding cake. Beautiful edible flowers cascading through a multi-tiered cake could create a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing piece of edible art. Don’t be afraid of adding little touches of pastel color to your wedding cake to incorporate the spring theme into every aspect of your dessert options. If you are hoping to encourage your guests to snack on more than just wedding cake, a great dessert option would be multicolored pastel macaroons. These tasty little treats are not only delicious and delectable but their pastel range of colors will bring a pop of color into your palette and will continue to express your spring wedding theme in a subtle and classy way.

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3. Wedding favors: Takeaways can be some of the most memorable aspects of attending a wedding. You want your wedding favors to leave your guests with a feeling that will be cohesive with the experience they had at your wedding. Make these favors unique to you and your spouse but also make these favors cohesive with your spring wedding theme. Fun ideas could include a pastel colored candy bar with personalized or monogrammed take-home containers for each guest to fill with your favorite pastel colored candies. This candy bar idea is especially popular with the kids and families, but by having the take-home containers readily available; it will limit the amount of candy that each person can take. Other options include lovebirds, personalized spring cookies, candles, bottle openers or even wine stoppers. What you choose to give your guests will be unique to your wedding and how you incorporate these favors into your spring wedding is completely dependent upon your personal style. The possibilities truly are endless.

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