Summer Wedding Ideas for 2017!

Sweet summertime is coming right around the corner! Now that May is here, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to implement some fun summer wedding ideas into your ceremony and reception! Whether it be adding fun summer colors, a couple sparklers, or some fans to keep away from the heat…These summer treats will definitely help you and your guests enjoy a summer wedding!

First we have a beautiful and colorful fruit table! This can include summer fruits like watermelon and others keep guests refreshed and cool! Maybe even a smoothie bar?



S’mores bar/S’mores packs! These are a perfect late night dessert treat for your guests! (and who doesn’t love s’mores)



Sunglasses! This might seem like a dumb thing to provide, but in all reality these will definitely come in handy! Especially if one of your guests forgot to bring their own.


A lemonade bar!! This is a great option if you choose to not have an open bar, or if your guests are not big drinkers.



FANS! No matter where you’re having your wedding, fans for the ceremony will be very helpful for your guests to escape the heat!



Have an ice cream bar! What better way to escape the heat than a sweet treat!




What are your favorite summer wedding ideas? Comment and share below!

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