Ten Fun Wedding Ideas for Fall Months

Photo Credit: Praise Wedding

Photo Credit: Praise Wedding

With fall right around the corner, there’s no need to say goodbye to wedding season! With these ten ideas for fall weddings, you’re guaranteed to please your guests, no matter the season!

1. Sparkler send off! With the sun setting earlier, why not end the night in style with a sparkler send off on your way to your Honeymoon?

2. Have a fire pit. While the sun is setting earlier, it is also getting colder sooner. Warm your guests up and have an extra activity for them throughout the night.

3. Take your engagement photo’s in the summer months, then opt to take your wedding photo’s when the leaves are falling and changing colors.

4. Have warm pie instead of cake! What better way to incorporate fall into your wedding than pie?!

5. Hang up lanterns and strings up lights around your reception to not only light up the area, but to also add a charming feel to the night.

6. Core some apples and place tea candles in them for an easy and festive candle holder.

7. Use mason jars as candle holders and as glasses for your guests. They’re practical and perfect for the fall wedding months!

8. Use in-season flowers. There’s nothing prettier than having sunflowers, lilies, and chrysanthemum’s in your bouquets.

9. Rustic decorations will be your best friend. Check out our favorites here!

10. Wooden pallets are always a great idea. They can be used as signage, as seating, or as whatever you’d like them to be used as. The possibilities are endless.

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