The 5 most romantic places to get engaged

Our friends over at TheManRegistry just sent us some great tips on where to get engaged. Ladies, please forward this on to anyone you know who’s getting ready to take the plunge!

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You’ve got the engagement ring picked out. You know when you’re going to pop the question. Now all that’s left is to decide where and how you’re going to do it. Here’s our suggestions for romantic places to get down on one knee and pray she says yes. (Ignore the cliché’s and just go with it)

5.) Location of your first date – How about a blast from the past?  Tell her you’re going to a “surprise destination” for a date night. She’ll be pleasantly surprised to arrive where you took her on that first date. She’ll be pleasantly shocked when you pull out the ring!

4.) Cruise – We’re not talking about the 3-day weekend booze cruise to Mexico. Couples cruises are great for spending some 1 on 1 time and make the perfect opportunity for a proposal. We heard one story of a groom reserving en entire deck aboard the cruise ship for the engagement and then had the cruise director make an announcement at that night’s dinner. We expect nothing less from the groom-to-be’s reading this blog!

3.) Anywhere where it’s raining – Try to make it look like an accident.

2.) Hot-air balloon ride – You’re probably laughing because this is so cliché. But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.  Word to the wise: These guys book up fast for some reason. So, if you’ve got a date in mind – book it fast.

1.) Where you first met – Of course we’ve all seen this cheesily done in commercials or movies, but you can’t argue that it’s quite romantic. Whether it’s the mall, a bar or 8th grade science class – find a way to work it in. It’ll make for a great engagement story that will last a lifetime.

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