The BravoBride Guide – DIY Wedding Money Saving Ideas

This vase is only $1.99 at Ikea

3 DIY Ways to Save Money on a Wedding

Weddings are beautiful, romantic and filled with love. Unfortunately they can also be very expensive. With the average wedding running nearly $27,800 this isn’t a small price to pay for the biggest party you’ll ever throw. We’ve come up with some simple DIY wedding ideas to help cut costs without making it look like you cut corners.

Centerpieces and Favors

Table centerpieces can range anywhere $20 -$500 depending on how extravagant they are and expect to pay  $1.50 to $8 per person for wedding favors. One way to reduce both costs is to make your favors the table centerpiece. An easy favor centerpiece idea is to purchase bud vases, we love these modern vases at Ikea for only $1.99 each. Place a Gerber daisy in each vase; you can buy them in bulk on wholesale flower sites for only $2 per stem. If you have 10 people at a table you’ll need 5 of each, one for every couple. Create some cute thank you tags to tie around the vases and you only spend a little over $20 on your favors and centerpieces for every table!

Guest Books

Guest books are a great way for guests to write their well wishes to you and to remember who came to your wedding.  Most guest books cost $25 to $80. Every little bit adds up when planning a wedding and why spend that when you can make your own. A simple and unique way is to create a guest book is to actually use a box. Buy an inexpensive recipe box, we found this lovely bamboo one on for $12.99 and just add some 4×6 note cards. You could also decorate a shoe or hatbox by wrapping it in paper that matches your wedding colors.

Wedding Bouquets

While planning my wedding, I remember being having a bit of sticker shock when I learned the cost of a wedding bouquet. Of course if depends on the flowers you choose and if they are in season but the average bouquet runs between $50 to over $150. An inexpensive wedding idea is to mix some silk flowers in with your real flowers. You can purchase a dozen of silk Stephanotis with crystal centers for only $10. Give them to your florist or add them in yourself and you’ll have a very expensive looking bouquet with the high cost.

Hopefully these DIY wedding tips can help you save a little bit of money on your big day. The most important thing to realize is that a wedding isn’t about the money that you spend but the love you have for your partner. That’s the one thing your guests will really remember years from now.

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