The First Five Things to do Before Purchasing a Wedding Gown

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Before celebrating too hard, there are a few important decisions to make before purchasing your wedding gown, along with the other large purchases for your big day. Here at BravoBride, we took the liberty to list the top most essential decisions to make before going wedding gown hunting.

1. Decide on Who is Purchasing the Gown/ Set a Price Point.

If your parents have offered to pay for your wedding gown for you, it is only fair to set a price limit that both parties agree on. If the weight of the wedding cost is on your shoulders, the price you are willing to spend on your dress should be discussed thoroughly between you and your fiancé.

2. New or Used?

Along with making a decision on the price point of what you are willing to spend on your wedding dress, another choice that needs to be discussed is whether or not you are interested in purchased a used wedding gown. Buying a used wedding gown is an easy way to stay under the amount intended on spending on your dress. Knowing how to purchase a used gown in a safe way is also important.

3. Style

Although entering your first wedding dress shop sounds like a blast, finding your perfect dress takes a lot of thought and time. Walking in knowing a broad idea of what style you do and do not want will help cut down on time and will help the bridal consultant a lot.

4. Designer

If you have done your research and know that you want to get married in a certain designer, take the time to find bridal boutiques that carry that designer’s dresses. If you aren’t quite sure who you want to wear on your wedding day, take a few days to try on different designers styles. Most wedding designers are easy to find in used wedding dress stores. In no time you’ll have an idea of who you want to wear on your big day.

5. Who to Take Shopping

One of the most important decisions to make, deciding on who will join you for this big step in the wedding process. Making sure you invite honest friends and family who know you and your style is essential. You don’t want to bring someone along for the shopping trip that has no idea what you are interested in, or will lie to you when something just doesn’t seem to fit right. Choosing a solid group of friends and family to accompany you will either make or break your shopping experience.

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