The Gabi Chronicles- 5 Ideas for Table Décor

Like any bride, I have hundreds (if not, thousands) of ideas that I want to incorporate into our wedding. Of course, not all of them are possible. Today I want to share just 5 ideas that have crossed my mind for table décor for our outdoor reception. Who knows, perhaps one of these ideas will be the answer for someone’s decorating dilemma. Enjoy!

unique wedding centerpieces
1. License Plate Names

One day, while driving in a part of town I’m not usually in, I, noticed a vintage antique store that seemed to have an interesting personality to it. I immediately pulled over to check it out, as you never know what you could find in shops like these (random stops like this are a must do for brides-to-be). The stop was well worth it. The shop was filled with amazing signs,toys, books, you name it and they probably had it. One of the last things I looked at was a cubby full of license plates that were all cut up and sorted alphabetically. I thought this was such a cute and easy idea to spruce up a table I had to buy some. I just bought the letters to spell out “Jack” and “Gabi”. I am thinking about going back and buying letters that spell out other words like “Love-Laugh,-Love” or perhaps using the numbers for table numbers. The possibilities are endless if you are creative!

china plate cake plattersPhoto from Objects and Subjects

2. DIY Dessert Tiers

This idea was actually inspired by my sister. She is a business owner and needed stands to hold her jewelry. My immediate thought when I saw them was, “Those would make amazing dessert trays!” To create them, she went to a local thrift store and found an assortment of saucers, plates and candlestick holders, and epoxied them together. They are so unique (as they are one-of-a-kind) and would be the perfect decoration for anyone going for a vintage look at their wedding.

Photo from The Blushing Bride

3. Utilizing Bottles
Another idea that we are actually trying to make into a reality is utilizing bottles that come into our possession. From wine bottles to glass soda bottles, we think an assortment of bottles with some sort of filler (paper flowers, real flowers or long stemmed suckers are all possibilities) would be great centerpieces.

tissue paper wedding decorationsPhoto from The House of Smiths

4. Tissue Paper Flower Balls

After the holidays, I acquired a ton of used tissue paper and I knew there were ways I could reuse it in a creative way. I started looking up tissue paper crafts on Pinterest and low and behold there were ample ideas available. I actually made one of these flower balls the other night and it turned out pretty darn good for my first one ever. The only down side to these is that it’s very time consuming. The answer to this would be to gather your girls and have a night of arts and crafts! My friends and I actually had a Pinterest party a few weeks ago where we got together with ideas that we found on the site, and brought them to life together. It was lots of fun, especially since we don’t see each other that often.

wheat grass wedding centerpiecesPhoto from The Wheat Grass Grower

Wheat Grass
After experiencing a time-consuming DIY project, I considered growing wheat grass to put on tables. It’s easy to grow, affordable and pretty versatile with how you can use it. The picture above is from The Wheat Grass grower, you can actually buy this DIY centerpiece on their site for only $25.

As always, I am eager to hear suggestions and advice. Leave a comment below; you never know if it could end up in one of my future posts! Also, I mentioned Pinterest throughout this post and if you aren’t already, be sure and follow BravoBride on Pinterest as they are always posting great wedding ideas and products on their boards. I’m on there too so if you want to see what I’m pinning, feel free to follow. Have a great rest of the week all!

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