The Gabi Chronicles – Dear Bridal Shower Guest

As I plan my bridal shower, I can’t help but think of all the bridal showers I’ve been to in the past (not to mention think of all the bridal showers I’m going to this summer). No matter the relation to the bride, they’re always slightly awkward and full of strange party games… toilet paper bride? Really? So here is to you, bridal shower attendee. You are one good friend and the bride loves you for it.

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Dear Fill In The Blank,

Thank you for attending my bridal shower. I know it was somewhat awkward when you first came in, but you found someone you recognized and you felt comfortable for a second… Although, I’m sorry that was short lived. I could see that being paired with my great aunt Amelia for the game “What is the bride taking on her honeymoon” wasn’t what you were expecting, but you were a good sport. I know you were only trying to lighten the mood with that sex toy joke. I should have mentioned that she was nun before the game started. Don’t worry. She’ll forgive you. Also, I wanted to thank you for letting everyone dress you up in toilet paper. I would have been so embarrassed to let a bunch of people I didn’t know stuff and fluff toilet paper all over their body and then have to model it down the hallway, but you rocked it! You were really “Charmin.” Ha! Did you catch my play on words there? Just like the poem my sister read as she gave me cleaning products. That was so witty. Don’t worry, I promise I will do that for you when your bridal shower comes!

Love you forever,
The Bride

So the next time you are sitting through another slightly awkward bridal shower, just have another glass of champagne and try to remind yourself that at least it’s not a baby shower. Passing around a diaper with melted chocolate in it trying to guess the candy bar is even worse.

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