The Loveliest Garden Weddings


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A garden wedding is our kind of wedding. Pre-decorated and eco-friendly, oh yes! Like flowers and plants that come in a variety, so do garden weddings. You can have your ceremony outdoors or indoors, make it dreamy and romantic, or make it rustic and shabby. Get some ideas for your wedding theme from these lovely garden weddings.

1.  A garden wedding is so picturesque – the perfect magazine cover. Take it outside to the wild gardens for a dreamy and romantic wedding. The birds chirping in the tall trees will make you feel like you’re a magical princess.

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2. For an indoor wedding with the outdoor feel, there’s botanical gardens. Entertain your guests in the comforts of an enclosed garden space and beautiful setting.

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3. You may be outside but you can still glam it up! Hang up the chandeliers and set out the fine China for a truly elegant garden wedding.

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4. A wedding can still be elegant with a mismatch of decorations! Round together a selection of lovely vintage chairs and sofas to seat your guests for the reception.

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5. Or how bout a shabby chic garden wedding? Think English gardens and croquet. People will love dressing to theme in linen suits and suspenders!

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6. Get creative with decorations! Instead of spring flowers, decorate with fruits and vegetables like carrots, pears and tomatoes.

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7. For the bridesmaids dress, we just adore green flowy dresses. It matches the natural setting and looks so easy, breezy.

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8. What a simply beautiful cake! All white on the outside, decorated with pretty flowers and leaves, with matching pink on the inside.

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A garden wedding is the best theme for a beautiful and natural wedding. You’ll be surrounded by lovely plants and smell the sweet flowers all day long. Have your wedding in a magical wild garden or keep it indoors at a botanical garden. There are all kinds of gardens to choose from. Which of these garden weddings do you like?

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