The Mother of the Bride Dress

Photo Credit: Brooke Courtney

Photo Credit: Brooke Courtney

The mother of the bride is a very special figure involved in the wedding process, so making sure mom looks just as beautiful as ever is just as important as making sure that you look your best as well. Choosing the mother of the bride dress is an important task to complete before the big day.

What Style Should Mom Wear?

Typically, the bride will purchase her wedding gown first, then the mother of the bride can follow suit and by a dress or a gown that emulates the style that the bride is going for on her big day. Whether mom wants to wear a long gown or a short dress shouldn’t matter either, making sure that she feels beautiful and comfortable in the dress she chooses is the most important factor when it comes to her purchase.

The Mother of the Bride Should Inform the Mother of the Groom What She is Wearing

In order to avoid pattern and color clashing in large family photo’s, the mother of the bride should take it upon herself to show and/or tell the mother of the groom what she is wearing. This way the family photo will look as beautiful as ever, and both mothers won’t run the risk of wearing the same dress!


Traditionally, the mother of the bride should avoid wearing colors in the “whites” family. Champagne colors are usually acceptable if the bride is wearing white, not ivory. Choosing a color in the same color family as the bridesmaids is always a good and safe idea.

What if a Dress Isn’t the Mother’s Style?

Wearing a two piece suit or a nice skirt is always the next best alternative!

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