The Perfect Guest Accessories for Your Wedding

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When planning a wedding you want to take your guests into account! Guests come to celebrate this special day and it’s always great to document guest moments or add some memorable accessories!

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At many weddings the bride tends to give out the table bouquets to guests. Nowadays brides are getting creative and will place cameras on the tables for guests to take their own pictures and share with the bride and groom later.

In addition to the cameras couples can decorate their tables with candles or accessories to heighten the ambiance. One great table accessory is the paper table lantern! They add some flare and appropriate low light for an evening celebration.

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If you have a night wedding another great, idea is providing sparklers for the send off! How romantic it is to head out to the getaway car with flashing lights!


If you really want to have some fun, during the reception – set the wedding party table with white paper and elegant crayons for guests to come and sign and write notes. It makes for a great takeaway and guests will have fun doing it. You can even set the kids table for a little child’s play.

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Whatever your preference may be keep it in line with your wedding theme and personal preference but don’t forget your guests! Celebrate your big day with each and every one!



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