The Pro’s and Con’s of Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Dress Before Selling it

drycleaning your wedding dress

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Once deciding to sell your wedding gown after your big day, choosing whether or not to have it professionally dry cleaned is an important factor that needs to be determined. Discussing the pro’s and con’s of dry cleaning your wedding dress will help you make the right choice for your personal situation.

The Pro’s of Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Dress Before Selling it

– Able to sell your dress for a higher price because of the improved quality and cleanliness.

– Alleviate and damages and stains that may have occurred during the ceremony and/or reception.

– Improve the lifespan of the gown.

– Professional dry cleaners know how to properly handle any fragile fabric.

– Avoid consignment or online shops fine for not properly cleaning your gown before its sale.

The Con’s of Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Dress Before Selling it

– Challenging to find a professional wedding dress dry cleaner.

– May cause more damage to your gown than before, some dry cleaners won’t refund you either.

– Don’t know which cleaning technique will be used on your gown; if the correct technique and solute isn’t used on your fabric, the cleaner will do more harm than good.

Dry cleaning a wedding dress can be expensive!

– Added charges for different stains found throughout the dress can add up fast.

If after weighing the pro’s against the con’s, you still feel like you would like to pursue a professional dry cleaner, check out BravoBride’s blog post all about finding the right dry cleaner for your gown.

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