The Secret to a Successful Marriage

sungThe Merit Times reported that this last Sunday a Taiwan couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and revealed the secret to their success was an apple a day. Lee Ta-pin, 77, and Sung Chin-yu, 74, renewed their wedding vows while each held a red apple to honor the tradition with the fruit that began three months after their wedding 50 years ago.

Lee was an army reservist and was called to serve in the military for 30 days after they first wed. Lee knew Sung like to eat apples so he bought her a basket of them and told her to eat one apple a day when she missed him.

“By the time you have finished eating the 30 apples, I will come home and we will be reunited,” Lee said.

Ever since then, Lee has bought apples for Sung so that she could have an apple each day.

Now that’s a great love a story!

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