Top 4 Wedding Apps!


Getting engaged is the best feeling in the world. However, most brides will tell you that it is a lot of very hard work. It is not easy having to plan a large wedding on your own. Before you know it you will have stacks of bills, invitations everywhere, and family calling constantly. That is where some of these amazing phone apps come in. They can help in any way from creating your own website to making the perfect wedding registry. We’ve come up with the top 4 wedding apps that will turn you into an extremely organized and stress free bride!

1.Appy Couple

Allows its users to create an easy to use Wedding App and Wedding Website for their guests. Users are able to share their wedding story, manage their RSVP’s, and keep track of all important details!


2. Wedding Budget Calculator

This app does exactly what it sounds like. It helps any couple keep an easy track of how much they are spending and where all of their costs are going.


3. WedPics

WedPics is unique because it allows you to invite your guests onto the app and then your guests can post as many pictures of the wedding and reception. The point of this is so that all your wedding pics are in one place and easy to access!



4. Zola 

This is the new way to register for wedding gifts! Instead of having your guests purchase only kitchenware and miscellaneous items, they can now buy you an experience or service as well!






What wedding apps do you love? Comment and Share below!


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