Truly Amazing Cakes!

I love wedding cake. Not so much the eating it part… well that too actually, but going to a wedding reception and seeing the cake displayed. The cake is such an important part of the wedding and usually reflects the tone of the couple’s big day. Our wedding cake had starbursts on it that represented fireworks for our Fourth of July wedding and a friend of mine was married on the beach and their cake was covered in delicious white chocolate seashells. I loved our wedding cake so much that I had to share our vendor who created it, Mike’s Amazing Cakes. I first saw his creations on the food network channel and he’s been featured on a variety of other cooking and wedding TV shows. I was lucky enough to meet Mike and taste his cake a few years ago at the Seattle Wedding Show and I was sold. His cakes taste as amazing as they look and they’re truly works of art!


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One Response to “Truly Amazing Cakes!”

  1. Trudy R. says:

    Wow, these cakes are amazing, they don’t even look real!

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