Unique Ways to Save on Wedding Invitations

Guest post from our bride-to-be blogger Gabi.

I like to pride myself on the fact that I like to save money…or at least spend irrationally. “Spend money on what’s important,” is a something that my dad instilled in me at a young age. When the discussion of wedding invitations came up, I really didn’t care too much on what they looked like as long as they were the right price.

Although part of me wanted precious and beautiful invitations that expressed who Jack and I were, the other part of me didn’t want to spend a fortune on them. At the end of the day I thought of what I, a guest to a wedding, would do with invites after the fact. And the fact is that I eventually throw the invite. This made me really think on where my investments are in our wedding. Every couple has to decide where they want to splurge and where they want to save. I decided to save on the invites and splurge elsewhere.

I purchased around 300 invites from Wilton for $50.00 (they were on clearance at a store in my home town). Although it was a lot more work than ordering from an invitation professional, it was much more affordable. Jack and I worked on them together and it only took a few days to print them ready to be sent out.

One funny fact about our invites is that none of them match! We purchased several different kits that come with everything from printing labels to RSVP cards, but there wasn’t enough of one kit to suffice our entire invitation list so we ended up purchasing a variety. Some people might think it tacky, but if I hadn’t written this blog… no one would know.

Another way we are saving money is by having our guests RSVP online. It wouldn’t have cost much more, but a couple hundred dollars in stamps costs is definitely something you don’t think about when your first get engaged.

Overall, I am happy with the invites and so is Jack. We actually find it funny that everyone is getting a different invite. It’s definitely a bit more memorable and personally, I am just happy to get them sent out. Until next time!

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