Unique Wedding Exit Send Off Ideas!

Wedding Send offs are always so special for the bride and groom! They can be extremely extravagant or simple and classy. Either way, a unique wedding exit is always a great idea! Traditionally, rice has been thrown at couples for centuries. This is because rice is considered a “life-giving” seed. The old saying is that by throwing rice on the couple they will be bestowed with fertility and have many children.

Unfortunately, most venues do not allow rice to be thrown at couples anymore because of the old bird tale and because it is just messy to clean up. However now there are so many other unique and fun ways to do an awesome wedding exit send off!

Here are some amazing ideas:

  1. Bubbles! These are fun and make for some great pictures!


2. Glow Sticks! These are so vibrant and quirky!


3. Ballons! Perfect to match your wedding colors!


4. Rose Petals! Timeless classic.


5. Sparklers! These are so pretty and great for night receptions!


6. Lavender! (or whatever scent you want) Will make the air smell amazing!


7. Ribbon Wands!! Love the colors and so much fun for kids and adults alike!


8. Confetti! An easy classic that will make your send off sparkle!



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