Vera Wang Spring 2010 Wedding Dresses

Oh Vera, you did it again. Check out these gorgeous gowns from Vera Wang‘s 2010 wedding collection. What I love about them it that they are different from so many gowns that you see today. Who would have thought that a green wedding dress would be so beautiful? They might not be for every one but they certainly are original.




Photos from: Vera Wang

Category: Wedding Attire

4 Responses to “Vera Wang Spring 2010 Wedding Dresses”

  1. Dawn Dagenbach says:

    Oh my, beautiful gowns, but the emaciated models are a very big turn off too look at!

  2. H. Bacon says:

    The gowns are lovely, but the models look positively anorexic, and they look… downright angry.

    I suppose the black gown would be useful for arranged marriages, though.

  3. Trista Hevey says:

    lovely dresses but how old are those models and WAY to skinny…terrible display of how a bride should look.

  4. Janie says:

    It’s called high fashion. Fine, its ok to say that someone who is overweight is pretty but someone who is underweight isnt? Alot of these girls are naturally petite, way to ostracize them. The gowns are amazing btw very well made

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