Wedding Attire: Garters

Wedding garters have been around for hundreds of years. They are surrounded by many superstitions! One prominent superstition has come from the idea that owning a piece of the wedding dress provides good luck. This lead to guests taking pieces of the wedding dress, leaving the dress torn and in pieces. Wanting to preserve their dress brides began having a designated piece of the dress to give out, thus the garter was created!

Since then the garter has taken on the same meaning as the brides bouquet. It is believed that which ever single bachelor catches the garter will be the next to get married!

There are so many differs kinds and ways to wear a garter. Here are a few ideas on how you can wear your garter:

1. Something Blue

If you are lacking something blue for your wedding day you can add a blue element to your garter and then you are set! Whether it is a ribbon or jewel it will get the job done!

2. Double Garter

Many brides fall in love with their garters and don’t want to give them up when the time comes. One way to solve this is by wearing two garters, one to give away and one to keep! Make sure that you put the garter that you want your husband to throw below the one that you want to keep! Also make sure he knows which leg it is on to safe confusion!

3. DIY Garter 

If a traditional lace garter isn’t for you there are so many different way to create one! Whether you are a huge fan of superman or you just love the idea of having a bright and colorful garter pick a garter that represent you!

4. Not So Traditional Traditional Garter!

If the traditional lace garter isn’t exactly what you want but you love the white simplicity of it you can aways go with a jewel garter! Make sure you try it on beforehand through because you don’t want it to be uncomfortable for your big day!

5. No Garter 

For many brides the thought of throwing a piece of clothing that is in a very intimate place in front of all your friend and family doesn’t sound appealing, if so then don’t! One great way to get around this is by throwing something like a football instead! You can even sign and date it! Though if you love this idea but you want to throw a garter you can always tie your garter around the football and throw them together!

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