Wedding Cakes from around the Globe

Here in the United States we are all used to the traditional white tiered cake with tiny flowers or minimal decoration. Traditionally, wedding cakes were meant to be a symbol of good luck to the new couple and their guests. Little do we know, this is an american tradition. Many other cultures from around the globe have different cake traditions. Some don’t even serve cake at all! Check out these awesome (and beautiful) wedding cakes from around the globe!!


Zuppa Inglese is an Italian wedding cake that is made of layers of spongecake with a custard middle and usually a berry or fruit in the middle and on top.



The Chinese celebrate with a traditional Dragon and Phoenix cake. This cake is a representation of love in Chinese culture for the bride and grooms family.


The French like to celebrate with a dessert called a “Piece Monte”. This beautiful dessert is made of sugar and ball like puff pastry. Many times this dessert is purely for decoration.



Norwegians serve a dish called Brudlaupskling. This dish is made of layers of lefse, sugar, cream and sour cream. It is more of a bread than a cake and is always decorated in a fun and welcoming way.


In Lithuania, they celebrate with a dish called Sakotis. Sakotis is a cake made of butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and cream, cooked on a rotating spit in an oven or over an open fire.



What wedding cakes look good to you? Comment and share below!

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