Are Wedding Cakes really necessary?

If you’re anything like me, you hate cake. I’ve hated cake since I was a kid. My mom would always get me either an ice cream cake or some sort of cookie cake. Unfortunately, the traditional wedding cake seems to be a classic icon at a wedding reception. Many people even make the “cutting of the cake” a special tradition and almost ceremony. The real question is…are wedding cakes really necessary?

According to BravoBride, I don’t think so. For all you cake lovers, rock on and keep eating cakes. However for everyone else who thinks cake is “just alright”, I have some awesome ideas to spice it up. You can do sweet or savory, extravagant or basic. This is YOUR wedding. So have some fun with it!

  1. Sundae Bar

2. Donut Wall (see more here)



3. Cheese, Fruit, and Cracker Platter  (for all our savory loving folks)

4. Full Blown Dessert Table! (with a small cake)

5. Candy Apple Bar


If you love these dessert treats, check out these late night snack ideas!

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