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There’s girls who dream about princess castle weddings, and then there’s girls who dream of camp weddings. For most, going to summer camp is our favorite childhood memory – sleeping in tents, sitting around the campfire, and making delicious smores. How about reliving those fun memories by throwing a big wedding camp? Pitch tents and host a weekend camp wedding in your backyard, or rent out your favorite local camp and invite the whole troop! Here are some awesome ideas for a wedding camp of your own.

1. Cabin in the Woods

How fun would it be to get everyone in their own little cabins? It’ll be just like summer camp, but this time just for the adults. Go to bed whenever you want, share co-ed cabins, and have lots of fun.

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2. Canoe Party

The fun in camping is all about the activities. Have a scavenger hunt, go hiking, and go canoeing.

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3. Vintage Camper

Looking for just a camping theme? Pitch up your own tents or rent a camper.

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4. Good Ol’ BBQ

For good eats, go for good ol’ BBQ like smoked ribs, kabobs, and sweet corn. Embrace the outdoors and being dirty. We like foods you can eat with your hands!

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5. Smokin’ Campfire

A camp is only complete with a smokin’ campfire. Round up your friends and family for scary stories and sweet smores. And champagne to toast to the new couple!

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6. Wedding Favors

Send your guests away with beef jerky. They’re great snacks for on the road and will be greatly appreciated.

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A wedding camp is a great chance to bring the kid out of you. Whether you rent out cabins in the woods or rent a mobile camper, you’ll make tons of fun memories at your unique wedding. How would you throw a wedding camp?

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