Wedding Day – Do’s and Don’ts

Woohoo! We did it! Jack and I finally tied the knot and it was absolutely breathtaking! I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since we got married. It seems like yesterday that I was slipping into my dress for the first look. It was truly an amazing day and I cannot thank everyone enough who made it all come together. But even though I look back and think of the day as perfect, I do recognize that there were a lot of little things that went wrong or unexpected during the planning process, and that’s why I am writing the Do’s and Don’ts of getting married. There are a lot more than what I have listed, but these are the main ones that I came to realize after getting married. Enjoy!

Gabi's wedding day - more photos to come!


  1. Expect everyone to RSVP on time- we had people change their RSVPs two days before
  2. Worry about what others think – it’s your big day, not theirs
  3. Believe you won’t worry about who will do your hair and makeup – I didn’t think I would, but I did
  4. Think that you can wait until the week of to schedule your nail appointment- that goes for any appointment
  5. Be surprised when you become the “bridezilla” you said you would never be – I kicked a hole in the wall due to stress… OMG
  6. Expect things to be perfect on the day of – we ran out of chairs… refer back to #1
  7. Freak out over the small things on the big day -there’s nothing you can do at that point. Just sit back and enjoy your day
  8. Expect to eat or drink much – I barely ate or drank anything because I was too busy having a great time with our guests
  9. Worry about your makeup when you cry – no matter who did it, it’s going to be gone by the end of the night
  10. Forget to say thank you a million times to EVERYONE!


  1. Ask for help- take up every friend who offers to help with anything
  2. Prioritize your spending on what’s important to you, not others
  3. Find a dress that makes you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time
  4. Make the wedding more about your guests than about you -no matter what, everyone is there to celebrate you, but if you focus on what is convenient for your guests, everyone will have more fun
  5. Bring flats – you’re feet will hurt by the end of the night if you’re in heels just like any other night
  6. Accept the fact that something will probably go wrong
  7. Write reviews on all your vendors – they work so hard, it’s the least you can do
  8. Expect to see some wedding crashers – you’ll have at least one (we had several!)
  9. Take a step back and steal a moment for yourself to soak it all in
  10. Say thank you a million times to EVERYONE!

Some of these Do’s and Don’ts I expected, but some took me by surprise. I was definitely stressed out the week of my weeding and wasn’t sure how things were going to fall in to place. By the day of the wedding, I was ready to enjoy myself whether or not the day was perfect…. And I did! It was a fantastic event and I wish the same joy that I had on my wedding day to every bride out there.

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