Wedding Day Gifts from the Bride to the Groom

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We love this gift! You can check the time and keep your money all in one place.

It’s wedding tradition that the bride and groom exchange gifts on the wedding day. These gifts can range from something expensive (digital camera) to something that doesn’t even cost a penny (handwritten wedding vows). The key is to put some thought into it and making

Here are five suggestions for brides seeking the perfect wedding day gift for their new husband:

1.) Vows – Let’s face it; the economy has affected many couples’ wedding budgets. Instead of having some extra cash to put towards a great gift for your man, you might have to save that cash for reception or flower costs. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t come up with a unique and meaningful gift. Consider writing your own vows and reciting them at the altar as your gift.  If you’ve got a few extra dollars to spare, you could even purchase a small frame and have the vows framed for his office.

2.) Wedding Day Cufflinks – He’s going to need cufflinks for the big day. Why not get him a pair that he’ll be able to treasure for the rest of his life as opposed to the used pair the tux shop is going to give him? Engraved cufflinks are affordable and come in many styles. From classy stainless steel sets to quirky themed sets, you’ll definitely be able to find something unique to your groom.

3.) Money Clip – Most guys have torn up old wallets that store their cash, ID cards and credit cards. Taking that into account, a sharp, new money clip might be just what he needs to add a little organization to his life. The Personalized Money Clip offers a classy look while also leaving room for engraving. He’ll look like he just walked off the ‘Mad Men’ set!

4.) Wine Gifts – Do you and your groom share “wine time” at night or on the weekends? Why not celebrate your new marriage with a new wine glass set or engraved corkscrew? Unique wine gifts are great addition to your home décor and will leave a lasting memory of your wedding day.

5.) Golf Gifts –It’s no secret. Guys love golf. If you want to drop the big bucks – might I suggest a new set of golf clubs or a season pass to a favorite golf course? [Bonus advice – taking up golf as a couple is a great way to spend more time together.]

Brides, what are you planning on giving your groom as a wedding gift? Share with us in the comments below.

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