Wedding Decorations You Can Use in Your Home

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Weddings cost a lot of money, everything quickly adds up. We can buy all the new fancy wedding decorations or we can think savvy. Well, at BravoBride we know how to throw a beautiful wedding on the low. How do we do so, you ask? By decorating with versatile, yet pretty decor which we can use again. So to get some more ideas, we asked women on Reddit, “What are some ideas for decorations which we can use again in the home?” Reddits came up with some great answers, so here are some of our favorite ideas for inexpensive wedding decorations.

1. Wedding Sign

A welcome sign is a wonderful keepsake to add to your home. Hang it up over your fireplace or keep it in your bedroom.

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2. Photo Frames

After your big day, you’ll have so many cute pictures to choose from, you’ll be glad you have lots of photo frames. Frames are adorable decorations as-is, painted, or filled with photos.

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3. Glass Bottles

Repurpose those empty glass bottles like wine and beer bottles. The colored glass like blue and green are the best! Absolutely pretty with a little flower.

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4. Mason Jars

You can also repurpose mason jars to use during your wedding. Paint the jars, or even glitterize them!

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5. Stacked Books

Start growing your library collection with beautiful vintage or thick, heavy books. Stack them as a centerpiece at the reception, then stack them on your home coffee table.

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6. Decorative Pillows

A few decorative pillows are essential for personalizing seating furniture.

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Decorate your wedding with items around your house or which you can use again in your home. Items like photo frames and a stack of books are wonderful decorations for your wedding and home. What are some of your ideas?

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