Wedding Disasters to Not Freak Out About

Weddings, like everything in life, can be very complicated and speed bumps can always come up. Whether it be on the day of, at the reception, or the day after the wedding, brides should always remember to stay calm and treasure the amazing day they’re having with their favorite person.

Here are some situations that can come up at any point during the wedding experience that every bride needs to not freak out about.

1. Your hair didn’t turn out as planned 

Relax, even though your hair isn’t perfect, it is not a reason to ruin your make up too. Let your hair down and enjoy the night.

2. You want to DIY everything but no one will help you. 

Again, no big deal. Do what you can by yourself and then ask each of your bridesmaids to complete a certain task. Delegating is the key to success.

3. People are getting too tipsy from your open bar. 

The guests are loving your drinks! Let them have a good time and have one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen escort them to a cab or hotel room. Always make sure no one is drunk driving.

4. Flowers are not showing up on time. 

Although it may seem like a big problem, not having a bouquet will not end the world or ruin your wedding. Go through with the ceremony and take pictures with the flowers afterwards.


5. Your cake did not turn out the way you wanted it. 

Cakes are not the center of your reception, the food, music, and of course YOU are! Cake is cake and no matter what someone will be eating it!


6. Your best friend can’t come. 

She probably has something really important happening if she’s missing her best friends wedding. Don’t stress over it, it is her loss.

7. People aren’t using your designated hash tag. 

#Noproblem, your photographer will have plenty of photos for you to tag people in after the wedding.

Have a crazy story? Let us know in the comments!

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