Wedding Donut Walls

I know this fabulous find may seem a little crazy, but these Wedding Donut Walls are so awesome. They are perfect for any (and every) wedding. Not only that, but they are a HUGE trend in the wedding industry right now. All you need is a wall with little sticks mounted onto it and voila! From there on you can decorate it with lights, cute sayings, and flowers!

This is a great addition to any wedding because not only is it fun and playful, but it also gives your guests a tasty treat to take home, or enjoy at the reception! Plus, you can even incorporate your wedding colors with the toppings on the donuts (My personal favorite is the Oreo Glazed).

#protip Set up your donut wall with a “Milk Bar” next to it to really give your guests a special treat!

Here are some stunning examples!


Would you serve donuts at your wedding?

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