Wedding Dresses through the Decades!

As time goes on, fashion trends change. Something that is chic one week can be old school the next. The bridal world is constantly changing too. Decades and decades of wedding dresses are what has led us to todays current fashion trends. We’re going to take a look back in time to see all of the old wedding fashion trends from the 1920’s up to today!!

First lets start with the 1920’s

Usually 1920’s brides are known for their unique head pieces and long lace veils!


Next we have the 1930’s

In the 1930’s the veils get a little shorter, but the long train and the lace is definitely in style!


And the of course the 1940’s

We start to see more simple dresses here, with shorter veils and lots of flowers!

The 1950’s were awesome too!

The tea-length was definitely in during this decade!


How about the 1960’s?

Similar to the 1950’s the 60’s are still rocking the tea length dresses with slightly shorter veils!


The 1970’s were full of lace and middle parts…


1980’s bridal fashion was defined by Princess Diana’s wedding dress

Typically none for the big puffy shoulders and long wedding trains! Going all out for your wedding dress was the norm.


The 1990’s were full of glitz and glamour!

Lots of beading and sparkles during the 90’s!


The 2000’s look a bit similar to todays fashions!

And finally…2017!


Love the vintage look? Which one is your favorite!

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