Wedding Favor Ideas for Spring

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Golly, it’s spring time! It’s a lovely time of year to have a wedding, and one of the many reasons we love spring weddings is taking it outdoors and being in the sun. Just imagine the warmth and love surrounding you as all your friends and family join you to celebrate your marriage. Show them how thankful you are to have them all out, by giving them a unique wedding favor. If you’re having a spring wedding, consider one of these one-of-a-kind gifts your guests will truly appreciate.

1. Mini Champagne

A little bubbly is nice and a classy choice for fancier weddings. Little apple cider bottles would be super cute for the kids.

wedding favor ideas for spring

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2. Tea Time

Gift your favorite tea like “the perfect mix” for iced tea. Customize your own package with DIY labels for a personalize touch your guests will remember.

wedding favor ideas

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3. Vintage Tea Cups

Make collecting wedding favors fun! Beautiful vintage tea cups are wonderful options to give as-is or to make candles.

wedding favor ideas tea cup vintage

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4. Cinnamon Rolls

This is absolutely the cutest thing we’ve ever seen – tinned cinnamon rolls. Mmm your whole wedding will smell sweet!

wedding favor idea cinnamon rolls

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5. Jalapeno Jelly

We haven’t tried jalapeno jelly, but something tells us it must be good! It’s a unique homemade gift, an alternative to fruit jams.

wedding favor ideas jalapeno jelly

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6. Mixed CD

If Suzy-Homemaker’s not your thing, you can definitely make your own mixed CD. Your guests will keep jamming to your wedding mix, long after the last dance.

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Check out our favors section for more ideas. What are some of your favorite ideas? Do you make or buy your wedding favors?

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